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A better future for you, OCEANUS will make it!
“OCEANUS, as an EPCIC & Engineering Company, always makes a greater effort to deliver projects on time with maximized results, minimized cost and producing revenue for clients.”
OCEANUS is a fast-growing Korean Oil & Gas EPCIC company with over 300 employees and branch offices in Middle East, South America (Brazil). OCEANUS with existing subsidiaries and branch offices have been providing “Total Solution” for Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Testing & Commissioning for a variety of Oil & Gas projects like below :
· Offshore Fixed Platform
· Middle Size FPSO/ FSO
· Subsea Pipeline / Subsea Power Cable
· Subsea Items (SPM / PLEM)
· Onshore Facilities
Not only EPCIC service but OCEANUS also enables to perform Repair & Maintenance Service for Offshore Structure such as
· SMR (Strengthening, Modification, Repair)
· IRM (Inspection, Repair, Maintenance)
· Vessel Modification and Repair Service
We also have been providing Specialized Services including:
· FPSO / FSO Operating & Maintenance
· 3D Scanning
· Subsea Work (ROV & Diving Service)
· Training Center
· Spool Fabrication
With most of the world’s easily accessible oil and gas fields already in service or depleted, oil and gas fields have been moved deeper and less accessible locations. To overcome this difficult situation and meet the increasing needs of customers, OCEANUS will make a greater effort to deliver projects on time with maximized results, minimized cost and producing revenue for our clients.

OCEANUS, with existing subsidiaries as the core, are providing “Total Service”, Engineering Production, Installation, Commissioning and Inspection using OCEANUS’ infrastructure from Korea and abroad.
Using the latest techniques, we are able to provide numerous services such as repair engineering and maintenance for special ship & new energy field. OCEANUS is also focusing on the field of environment and safety co-operating with OPITO, IRATA and similar corporate registration companies.
We supply vessels using our global networks, and intend to provide vessels which are required for offshore development as a ship agency.
OCEANUS, will continue to serve its role as a pivot for the experts in trading with high quality commodities and abundant domestic and international bases.
Building the future starts with planning present.


SINCE 2010, KIMTUS HSE TRAINING CENTER has been spearheading provision of OPITO approved and STCW95 SAFETY TRAINING COURCES to both local & foreign offshore workers and companies here in South Korea and abroad.
We are committed to providing the BEST, SAFEST & MOST RELIABEL Safety Training ensuring the provision of highly competent and professional workforce world-wide.
· Basic Safety Training
· Advanced Fire-fighting
· Proficiency in Survival Craft
· Medical First Aid and Medical Care
· Tanker Familiarization
· Specialized Training for Oil Tankers
· Specialized Training for Chemical Tankers
· Specialized Training for Liquefied Gas Tankers
· Radar, ARPA, Bridge Teamwork and Search and Rescue
· Elementary First Aid
· Personal Survival Techniques
· Fire Prevention and Basic Fire Fighting
· Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities
· Ship Simulator and Bridge Teamwork
· General/ Restricted Operator’s Certificate for GMDSS
· Operational Use of Electronic Chart Display and
   Information Systems
· Crowd Management
· Proficiency in Crisis Management and Human Behavior
· Second-Class Radio electronic Certificate for Global
   Maritime Distress and Safety System Radio Personnel
· Operational Use of Integrated Bridge Systems Including
   Integrated Navigation System
· Automatic Identification System
· Liquefied Petroleum/Natural Gas Tanker (LPG/LNG) Cargo
   & Ballast handling
· Chemical Tanker Cargo & Ballast Handling
· Engine-Room simulator
· Port State Control
· Safe Packing of Cargo Transport Units (CTUs)
· ISPS-Ship Security Officer
· Chief and Second Engineer Officer (Motor Ships)
· Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch
· Engineer Officer in Charge of a Watch
· Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch on a Fishing
· Chief Engineer Officer and Second Engineer Officer on a
   Fishing Vessel
OCEANUS Training Center _ STCW 95

We, OCEANUS is a leading company specialized in the Oil & Gas EPIC(Engineering, Procurement, Construction, installation and Commissioning) Project Management including Offshore fabrication, SMR/IRM and delivering HSE Training.

OCEANUS is committed to maintaining and promoting a safe and healthy work environment and delivering sustainable projects to our customers in a proper manner to comply with quality standards and requirements to make our clients satisfied ultimately.
The Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy, the vision of our HSE management system and the Quality policy, as a vision of our Quality management system are statements of ownership by OCEANUS management and staff at our base in Korea and our worldwide operations sites; we believe that the responsibility for workplace safety, healty and responsible environmental activities is shared by everyone and is key to ensuring our wellbeing and those of our customers, contractors andn the community we are engaged in. And thte organization is fully committed to the quality management system to ensure compliance with Oil andn Gas industrial standards and requirements.

We believe that all accidents, injuries and work-related illnesses are preventable and we are committed to achieving and sustaining "Zero Accident Performance" as well as minimizing illnesses and environmental impacts through incident reporting, investigation annd continuous improvement practices.

At OCEANUS, we recognize that engagement in the Oil and Gas EPIC may potentially introduce a wide rrange of environmental impacts to the environment and HSE risks to employees, visitors, contractors, local communities and end users - we are fully committed to identifying and managing these risks and ensuring that they are effectively controlled.

OCEANUS has established, implemented and utilized Quality Management System to ensure the products and / or services rendered by the company to eventually to make our clients satisfied. To implement the system effectively, Periodical Quality evaluation is performed and to fulfill the company objective, every member shall work on their best.

Head Office : 143, Dalmaji-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Korea. Tel : 051-790-1700  |  R & D Center : 217, Dalmaji-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Korea. Tel : 051-790-1700
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